Taaleri is a Finnish private banking company. Taaleri offers financial management services and financial services for institutional investors, companies and private persons.

There are more than 180 workers in the group. Offices are located in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Pori, Oulu, Istanbul and Nairobi. Taaleri is listed in the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange of Helsinki.


The employees of the Taaleri are in continuous interaction with its customers who require the responsible expert in other side of the line fast and effectively when needed. For this reason the accessible and efficient tools for the communication are in an especially important role. A suitable communications solution was sought to this need. 

The time independence and place independence of the communication tools were an absolute requirement. In private banking business discussions on phone are in important role. For example assignments are often discussed on phone. The industry standards in finance and insurance industry requires mandatory call recording. Easy to use call recording service for employees was needed to ensure flawless communications.


Benemen delivered a customer service solution which enables easy access for clients to reach the experts of Taaleri. This is enabled by the Benemen Contact Center solution with service queues that have been effectively arranged to serve the calling customers. Service queues consist of the employees with certain expertise of Taaleri who answer the incoming calls in each designed service queue.


Mobile subscriptions with call recording service and communication reporting for end-users were also delivered as a part of the solution. Benemen call recording service doesn’t require any installable software to the devices and service can be used by any phone and operating system.

The new acquired effectiveness can best be seen as improved accessibility of the employees towards the clients to whom it must not take too long to get the right expert on the line. The response time has improved considerably and it is now also possible to follow this with the real-time reporting service.
For employees the new efficient tools bring relief for example the call recording reduces the need to make the manual reporting from the contents of calls. Call recording functions on each device for example in the favorite smartphone. Call recordings can be listened and analyzed easily and safely in highly secured web-portal.


New Call Center solution has streamlined the customer service functions and made contacting faster and easier to calling customer. Service experience has improved.

The new acquired effectiveness can best be seen as the clear improvement of the accessibility of the workers towards the clients to whom it must not take too long to get the right expert on the telephone. 

The response time has improved significantly; it is possible also now to follow its development in real time with up-todate reporting service. Communication reporting brings now the right information comprehensively about the communications. The reporting connects automatically the information that has been fed to the CRM  system to the interactions taking place on the telephone with certain client.

It is crucial to perceive the big picture of the amount and quality of customer interactions. The real-time reporting data now gives essential information for the management and decision making in the customer service processes. 

The call recording service functions in every device and the workers can utilize it with their favorite smartphones. Easy to use and secured web-portal for listening and analyzing the call recordings.

The amount of used services can be increased or removed  according to the current needs. 


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